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Welcome! On this page, you will find all my creations for Minecraft. You can filter data packs and maps by using the top-right menu. As you can notice, the page is very work in progress, new features will arrive soon.

A Quest for Elytra

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All Elytra have been found on your server? Lazy to explore the End?

This datapack add a new way to craft your own pair of Elytra. This has been inspired by legendary crafting used in MMO. To start this quest, you will need to feel the need to fly. This can be achieved by climbing very high, befriend some flying creatures or... killing a dragon. After that, you will need to do some research: What's the best way to take off? How can you land safely? What kind of materials can I use for my wings? Once you are ready, the actual crafting process can being!

The Elytra you receive as a reward for completing the quest are unique and have a little armor stat. You can even complete an optional quest to get more resistant Elytra. Once the quest is complete, you may also unlock a recipe to craft new Elytra whenever you want.

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Rider Quest

See Horses Statistics New Advancement Tab

Do you think horses are underrated in this game?

This datapack has been designed to improve a bit horses and reward you for using them during your travels... or your battles. Start the quest by riding a horse! As you progress in the advancements, you will be able to unlock new recipes (for saddle and horse armors) as well as the ability to record your horses' statistics. To get these stats, hold a piece of paper or a book and a quill and look to a horse: the statistics will be printed in the chat or in the book!

To unlock the new tab, just try to ride something like a horse, a donkey or... a pig

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A peaceful competitive game!

This map is a multiplayer minigame where you need to replicate the picture in front of you as fast as possible. The last person who did not copy the picture in time lose a life. The last man standing wins.

A single player mode is available too. Try to challenge yourself!

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Looking for an adventure map?

Mizzle maps are 3 maps designed between Minecraft 1.6 and Minecraft 1.10. They're mostly based on puzzle where you have the ability to only place and remove a specific type of block. In the latest map, some PvE with boss battle have been introduced. These map were creating to use as many new features added to the game as possible.

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