- Alzur's Journey

  • Added new trinkets from Alzur's Journey
  • Added new trinkets from Mahakam Season
  • Moved alternate leader skins for customizable leader in the accessory section
  • Updated Journey Calculator: Will now try to forecast your end of Journey level and you can modify the starting date for the Journey. Modifying this date will affect the forecast and the regular progression estimation.

- Season of the Cat Update!

  • Added new trinkets from season of the Cat and Autumn Sales

- Download cardbacks!

  • Added download buttons for most card backs. More to come in the following days.

- Season of the Dryad

  • Small update to add new Trinket's from new seasonal trees and shupe bundles

- Journey Calculator

  • A new journey calculator is now available to know if you can reach the desired cosmetic.

- Back from Holidays

  • Added missing trinkets from Ciri's Journey update

- Ciri's Journey

  • Added trinkets from Ciri's Journey
  • Added a link to download the new cardbacks in higher resolution (temporary solution, something better is coming... in a few months)
  • Some progress on a secret page
  • New Error 404 and 403 pages... because why not

- Master Mirror Update

  • Added trinkets from Master Mirror Expansion
  • Fixed D'ao title and few other descriptions
  • Some progress on a secret page
  • The page now remembers the last avatar and border selected

- Season of Magic Update

  • Added trinkets from Stregobor's reward tree
  • Added Master Mirror Pre-Order Trinkets
  • Added Trinkets for Gwent Open #2

- Accessories!

  • Added a section for Accessories
  • New filters for Coins and Accessories
  • Added a preview picture for social media

- Season of the Viper Update

  • Added trinkets from Kolgrim's tree
  • Updated various descriptions

- Geralt's Journey

  • Added all trinkets from patch 6.1
  • Added a section for Coins
  • Replacing Beta filter by Journey filter - Beta trinkets can still be found by typing "Beta" in the search bar

- Seasonal Trinkets

  • Updated the description of all seasonal trinkets with proper tree name

- Gwent Masters Bundles

  • Improved Seasonal descriptions
  • Added new trinkets from Masters Bundles

- Year of the Wererats Bundle

  • Added new trinkets from Year of the Wererat Bundle

- Year of the Wererats

  • Added new trinkets from Year of the Wererat
  • Update to many old seasonal descriptions

- Valentine's Challenge

  • Added new trinkets from Valentine's Challenge
  • Added new trinkets for challenges without faction alignement
  • Added Imperial Golem avatar

- Season of Love

  • Added new trinkets from Season of Love

- Lunar New Year Festivities

  • Added new trinkets from Lunar New Year Festival
  • Added a download button to save the preview picture
  • Added a randomize button to load a random avatar, border and title in the preview window
  • Added a new category: Game Boards
  • Default filters have been improved
  • Added a button to clear the search bar
  • Small improvements to the Event banner, now displays the time left

- Happy New year!

  • Season of the Wolf Trinkets added/updated
  • Added a new search bar in the filters
  • Hidden aliases and alternative names have been added to many trinkets, try to search for "Julian Alfred Pankratz" for example

- Yule Challenge

  • Added trinkets from Yule Challenge

- Mobile Update

  • Sidebar on mobile is now smaller in portrait orientation
  • New filters: You can now hide/show all items from a specific category (improvement for faster mobile navigation)

- Small minor additions

  • Added "The Stern" title
  • Color properly added to "Merchant" and "Dragonslayer" titles
  • Missing cardbacks added (Fiery and Ofir)

- Merchants of Ofir Trinkets

  • Added all trinkets from Merchants of Ofir

- Leader Skins!

  • Added all leader skins!
  • Added some trinkets from Patch 5.0, missing one will be added soon

- Preparation work for Gwent 5.0

  • Added a button to see the latest update of the page
  • Updated Wild Hunt Season borders
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